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 ==== Dungeons list ==== ==== Dungeons list ====
-[[Low_Dungeons|Low Level Dungeons]]\\ +[[Low_Dungeons|Easy Dungeons]]\\ 
-[[Med_Dungeons|Medium ​Level Dungeons]]\\ +[[Med_Dungeons|Medium Dungeons]]\\ 
-[[High_Dungeons|High Level Dungeons]]\\+[[High_Dungeons|Hard Dungeons]]\\
 ==== Drop tables ==== ==== Drop tables ====
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 [[Chrysos|Chrysos]]\\ [[Chrysos|Chrysos]]\\
 [[Nostalgia_Forest|Nostalgia Forest]]\\ [[Nostalgia_Forest|Nostalgia Forest]]\\
 +[[Low_Dungeons_Drop|Easy Dungeons]]\\ 
 +[[Med_Dungeons_Drop|Medium Dungeons]]\\ 
 +[[Legendary_Arena|Legendary Arena]]\\ 
 +[[Insane_Altar|Insane Altar]]\\ 
 +[[Arena_Acheron|Arena of Acheron]]\\ 
 +[[B3F_P1|Epaulet of the Dead B3F Part 1]]\\ 
 +[[B3F_P2|Epaulet of the Dead B3F Part 2]]\\ 
 +[[Forgotten_Temple_B3F|Forgotten Temple B3F]]\\ 
 +[[Forgotten_Temple_B2F_AWK|Forgotten Temple B2F Awakened]]\\ 
 +[[Eternal_Chaos|Eternal Chaos]]\\ 
 +[[Forbidden_Island|Forbidden Island Awakened]]\\ 
 +[[Siena_B2F|Siena B2F]]\\ 
 +[[Stormy_Valley_AWK|Stormy Valley Awakened]]\\ 
 +[[Volcanic_Citadel_AWK|Volcanic Citadel Awakened]]\\ 
 +[[Frozen_Coliseum|Frozen Coliseum]]\\ 
 +[[CI_Abduction|Castle of Illusion Abduction]]\\ 
 +[[CI_Radiant|Radiant Beauty of Castle of Illusion Abduction]]\\
 ==== World bosses ==== ==== World bosses ====
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 [[Boss_Shop|Boss Shop]]\\ [[Boss_Shop|Boss Shop]]\\
 [[Tokens_Shop|Equipement Tokens Shops]]\\ [[Tokens_Shop|Equipement Tokens Shops]]\\
-[[Epic_Items|EPic items Shops]]\\+[[Epic_Items|Epic items Shops]]\\
 [[Events_Arena|Events Arena Shop]]\\ [[Events_Arena|Events Arena Shop]]\\
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