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 +**Level 1 - 150**
 +First thing to do Use the 2 Potions of Experience then go kill any 150 mobs you find, to reach level 150.\\
 +Now you can wear all the Devil gears once you add your stats points accordingly. Epaulet requires level 165.\\
 +**Level 151-200**
 +Go to higher level maps, Senillinea/​Chrysos/​Nostalgia or medium/high level dungeons for the rest of the levels.\\ ​
 +Do not expect to be able to kill the bosses if you choose high level dungeons, stick to mobs around.\\
 +**Level 200**
 +Once you reach level 200 its time to get better gears. \\
 +From here on its all about your choice and your play style. \\
 +Farm low/medium dungeons or go for the higher maps to achieve Absolute and ultimately Paladin Gears.\\
 +Runes drop in Steamer Crazy and Forbidden Island.\\
 +When you feel geared enough go for the High Dungeons.\\
 +Check the Drop tables for full info about the gears drops.\\