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Welcome to AKC Newbie guide.

Level 1 - 150
1.Use two EXP potions that were given.
2.You may manually put stats accordingly for STR, INT & DEX to able use Devil gears and Accessories.
3.Head to quest.
-To be able to begin the rank quest you have first to finish the basic quests of the game.
After you can go to the officer of your native city, speak with the officer and to select the quest leveling up.
*Desert Scream (Blader And Wizard)
*Bloody Ice (Warrior And Force Shielder)
*Green Despair (Force Blader And Force Archer)
-After speak with the officer of your native city, he will tell you that you go to the instructor other cities.
Example : Blader will have to speak with the instructor of Bloody Ice and Green Despair.
-After finishing it will required you to talk with your native instructor to able join practice grading up 4th Gateway.
4.Don't mind about level, you used EXP potions and hitting any mobs gave you Level 150 in instant.
5.Here are the list for quest rank reward
*LVL 10 -(Class rank 2) : Skill combo
*Lvl 20 -(Class rank 3) : Skill Battle Aura
*Lvl 30 -(Class rank 4) : First Battle Mode
*Lvl 40 -(Class rank 5) : Battle Mode 1 + Aura mode possible and can create guild.
*Lvl 50 -(Class rank 6) : Board Chain Attack Skill Level 1
*Lvl 60 -(Class rank 7) : Battle Mode 2 + Aura Mode Possible. Board Chain Attack Skill level 2
*Lvl 70 -(Class rank 8) : Board Chain Attack Skill level 3
*Lvl 80 -(Class rank 9) : Board Chain Attack Skill level 4
*Lvl 90 -(Class rank 10) : Combo in aura mode possible. Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 1
*Lvl 100 -(Class rank 11) : Bike Chain Attack Skill level 2
-After finish class rank 11. It will required you to speak with each instructor from your native city.
*Lvl 110 -(Class rank 12) : Battle Mode 1 (Combo Accessible). Bike Chain Level 3.
*Lvl 120 -(Class rank 13) : Able to buff 6 quantity. Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 4.
*Lvl 130 -(Class rank 14) : Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode (Combo Accessible) Buff quantity increased 7.
-If you bought BM3 Skills book from Port Lux. At this rate, it will appear on your special skills and you can use it.
*Lvl 140 -(class rank 15) : 2 Same type of buff can be stack. Buff quantity increased 8.
*Lvl 170 -(class rank 18)onwards, 3 same type buffs can be stacked. Buff quantity increased to 12.
6.Each quest give you plenty alz. That way you can buy skills and upgrades.

Level 151-200
1.Once you reach this level rate. Just simply continue with your quest rank up.
*Lvl 150 -(class rank 16) : Buff quantity increased 9.
*Lvl 160 -(Class rank 17) : Buff Quantity increased 10.
*Lvl 170 -(Class rank 18) : 3 Same type of buff can be stack.
*Lvl 180 -(Class rank 19) : Gain 6th SP BAR
*Lvl 190 -(Class rank 20) : Gain 7th SP BAR
2.Go to higher level maps, Senillinea / Chrysos / Nostalgia or Medium / Hard dungeons for the rest of the levels.
3.Do not expect to be able to kill the bosses if you choose high level dungeons, stick to mobs around.
4.You can sell those items that drop for extra alz\\.

Level 200
1.Once you reach level 200 its time to get better gears.
2.From here on its all about your choice and your play style.
3.You can proceed to Port Lux, where most of the NPCs there are available to you.For example the Dungeon NPC will sell you the entries.
4.Farm low/medium dungeons or go for the higher maps to achieve Absolute and ultimately Paladin Gears.
5.Runes drop in Steamer Crazy and Forbidden Island.
6.When you feel geared enough go for the High Dungeons.
6.Check the Drop tables for full info about the gears drops.

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