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Tokens System

This is how you will earn your best items in the game.
If you noticed in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream and Green Despair there are Epic Item Shops for all classes.
They all trade items for a certain color tokens. Now how do you earn those tokens besides buying them with ecoins?
You go farm the Hard Dungeons and look for the items listed below:

Legendary Suits 49% SSA
Legendary Suits 49% MSA
Legendary Gloves 49% SSA
Legendary Gloves 49% MSA
Legendary Boots 49% SSA
Legendary Boots 49% MSA
Legendary Helms 49% SSA
Legendary Helms 49% MSA
Legendary Suits 20% MCR
Legendary Gloves 20% MCR
Legendary Helms 75% CDI
Legendary Helms 49% CRI
Legendary Helms 14% CRI + 48% CDI Legendary Weapons 75% CDI
Legendary Weapons 14% CRI + 48% CDI Legendary Weapons 49% SSA Legendary Weapons 49% MSA

Once you found one you can head to Equipment Tokens Shops in Chrysos or Senillinea and exchange it for corresponding token.
Gather enough tokens and head back to the Epic Shops to get your epic item.

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