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 +To be able download our client first need to register an account on our website and login.\\
 +Now you can access download section.\\
 +Pick one of the available mirrors.\\
 +When download is complete run the installer.\\
 +File name would be \\
 +NewAKCEUsetup.exe or NewAKCNAsetup.exe \\
 +depending what world you chose EU or NA.\\
 +Click YES when prompted.\\
 +Click Next button 3 times.\\
 +You can eventually change the installation folder if you decide so.\\
 +Wait for the blue bar to fully load and once you see the image below you are done. Click Finish.\\
 +Check desktop for the NewAKC EU or NewAKC NA icon to start the game.\\
 +{{:​icon2.png?​100|}} {{:​icon1.png?​100|}}
 +If you experience crashes try the fallowing compatibility settings on cabalmain.exe\\
 **Minimum System Requirements:​** **Minimum System Requirements:​**
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 VGA:     ''​Nvidia or ATI video card - 1 Gb RAM''​\\ VGA:     ''​Nvidia or ATI video card - 1 Gb RAM''​\\
 OS_:     ''​Windows 10 32/64 bit''​ \\ OS_:     ''​Windows 10 32/64 bit''​ \\
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